Why We Exist

We Foster Education

Our members aren’t just a location, they are a destination. We like to think of our farms and vineyards as a big family, and families share things. When you choose a farm from our trail you are getting more than just a fun activity out, you get a chance to learn and experience something new and different.

We Pursue Excellence

We don’t let just anyone join the club! Our members have to be the best of the best. Our job is to deliver you the greatest wines and produce that El Dorado County has to offer.

We Promote Sustainability

Many of our farms and vineyards practice sustainability. Our farms grow their produce organically with as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Some of our members even produce their own power through solar energy.

We Love Fun

Most of all we enjoy having fun, and what could be more fun than gathering together and tasting wine and great produce? Creating memorable, joyful experiences is what its all about on the American River Wine & Ag Trail.

About Our Process

Initial Interview

  • 01

    Step one is talking to potential members and learning what their business is all about.

Member Discussion

  • 02

    Next we take the discussion to our current members to see if the new vineyard or farm will be a good fit and addition to the community.

Ongoing Check-Ins

  • 03

    Once a member has joined our trail, we regularly check in with their process to ensure they are keeping up with our standards of quality and sustainability.